Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1: What scholarships can my child apply for?

Students can apply for any of the five scholarships existing under GIIS 2019 programme:

  • (Applications Open) Global Future Skills Scholarship - offers upto 20% to students with family income between 100k - 130k per annum

  • (Applications Closed) Global Citizens Scholarship - offers waiver to students going into Grade 9 to Grade 12 in the academic year 2019-20 with marks greater than 90%

  • (Applications Closed) Global Champions Scholarship - offers waiver to students going into Grade 9 to Grade 12 in the academic year 2019-20 with marks greater than 80%

  • (Applications Closed) 9Gems Scholarship - Co-Scholastic performance supported by documents

Parents are requested to access each scholarship thoroughly and decide on any ONE scholarship which is best suited for their child/children.

Further details are available on the website at:

Q-2: Can one student apply for two or more scholarships?

Parents are strongly advised to apply for only ONE scholarship which is best suited for their child.

Q-4: Where can parents avail students marks/percentage in case the report card shows only grades?

  • For students who are graded, conversion of the grades to marks/percentage will be done by the school internally. Parents are requested to upload report cards for students of Grade 1-5.

Q-5: Are students of Grade 11/IBDP year 1 eligible to apply for scholarships of two year duration?  

  • Yes, students of Class 11 can apply for scholarships. The scholarships will be valid till March/May 2020.

Q-6: Can students who are newly admitted to GIIS in 2018 apply for scholarships?

  • Applications for GIIS students are currently closed.

Q-7: What is the eligibility of salary of parents increased in the last two years? For instance, if 2017 salary was less than 100k per annum and 2018 salary is 160k per annum, will an average be considered?

  • Parents need to submit the latest Notice of Assessment from IRAS received in 2018

Q-8: For co-curricular activities record, can parents submit pictures instead of certificates?

  • No. Certificates of all co-curricular activities are mandatory for being considered for the scholarships.

Q-9: How can parents submit report card for scholarship if the cards are with the class teacher?

Q-10: Should parents upload report cards only for final exams or term cards?

  • Parents are requested to upload report cards for final examinations only (academic year 2016-17 and academic year 2017-18)

Q-11: I want to apply for the NexGen scholarship. But this option is not available in the application form. Please advise.

  • Parents cannot apply for NextGen scholarship. These are decided by the school management.

Q-12: If the child is already getting a scholarship since May 2018, is he/she still eligible to apply for the new scheme?

  • Yes. Students who are existing scholars can apply for a new scholarship. However, they will be eligible to avail only one scholarship at a time.

Q-13: I have recently relocated to Singapore and do not have IRAS notice of assessment. Please advise

  • Parents who have only recently relocated to Singapore are requested to submit their appointment letter, and their last financial statement from the previous country of residence.

Q-14:Global Citizen and Global Champions Scholarships are merit scholarships. Is it critical to submit NOA (or some other equivalent document) for applying for the same?

  • Submission of Notice of Assessment (or equivalent documents) is mandatory

Q-15: What is the fee waiver on each of the scholarships?  

  • Each fee waiver in all scholarships includes discount on course fees only. The discount excludes costs on transport services, miscellaneous costs, books & uniforms. For details please refer to the scholarships website page at

Q-16: Our child’s academic / annual report card for 2017 will have to be retrieved from India and will need some more time. Can we get more time to provide those details to us?

  • The last date of scholarship application is 28 September 2018.

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