Do students need to carry cash?

Students have a choice to carry with them cash/money as permitted by Singapore Government rules. But it is advisable to carry a minimum of amount S$500 for initial expenses, till the Student Pass is issued by the Singapore Government.

Do students need to have a medical insurance?
GIIS will provide subsidised medical benefits for each candidate after the Student Pass is issued. The Medical Insurance will cover basic aliments.

Will the parents/guardians be allowed to accompany students to Singapore for the first time until they are settled?
Parents are NOT allowed to accompany the students. GIIS encourages students to mingle with their fellow students. A senior and responsible GIIS staff member will accompany students to Singapore.

Can parents send money to their wards?
Parents can send money to their wards. However, the amount provided is sufficient for students to meet their living expenses.

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What are the arrangements at the student's hostel?
Following arrangements are made at the hostel:

• Hostel has a common room for social activities
• A lady warden is stationed with female students, 24 hours in the hostel
• Smart cards and video cameras are there for warden to monitor
• Video camera is at the gate, where the guard is stationed round-the-clock
• For washing clothes there is a separate washing and drying machine for boys and girls, who can use it in rotation
• Hostel rooms do not have an air-conditioner. The climatic conditions of Singapore do not necessitate this requirement. Ceiling fans are installed
• School library has a rich collection of reference books for purpose of research and studies
• Each student should carry their own laptop. The hostel is WiFi-enabled, which will allow students to access the internet at their convenience