What is the flow of stipend and how is it provided?
The stipend flow is provided to ensure a comfortable stay for the student.

Can students visit their relatives?
Yes, they are allowed visit relatives with the approval from the warden. The warden shall provide and expedite the approval on receiving an email request from the parents of the ward.


Can the scholarship be discontinued?

Scholarships can be discontinued if the chosen student fails to perform and maintain a all-round grades. A suitable warning will be issued each term. In case no improvement is noticed in the performance, the scholarship will be discontinued. 

Are there any other reasons for scholarships to be discontinued?

Students may find their scholarships discontinued if their conduct is found unsatisfactory, irrespective of the grades. Irregular attendance and bad health may also be others factors for discontinuation of scholarships. The final decision on the scholarship will be at the discretion of the management. 

Can the students undertake part-time work while studying in Singapore?
No, part-time work is strictly prohibited.