1. All Scholarships are applicable for the new Academic Year 2019-20.

  2. Income documents are mandatory for all the scholarships. Furnishing proof of income is necessary. In addition, a declaration is required from the recipient that the income proof submitted for family income are true and correct.

  3. In case of wrong and misleading information is provided, scholarship will be null and void. The scholarship amount given will need to be refunded to the school.

  4. For Scholarships that are valid for two academic years, the continuation of scholarship into the second year will be granted after the review of student performance.

  5. Scholarship winners will continue to pay term fees as per regular procedure. The scholarship amount for the term will be refunded to individual accounts upon completion of each term.

  6. In case a scholarship recipient leaves school in the middle of the term, the scholarship amount will not be granted for that term.

  7. Scholarship recipients can avail of only one scholarship or fee discount scheme at any given time.

  8. Younger siblings will be granted scholarships only in cases where the scholarship amount is more than the sibling discount.

  9. Scholarship recipients will be informed by email. Those accepting the given scholarship will have to sign an acceptance letter and submit to the school within 10 days of the formal grant of scholarship.

  10. Scholarship will be terminated if there is a violation of code of conduct by students.

  11. GIIS reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and the current version can be found on the GIIS website. Once an acceptance form has been signed, this confirms that you agree to these terms and conditions.

  12. GIIS Scholarship Committee’s decision is final for allocation of scholarships.