1. In case of wrong and misleading information provided, scholarship will be cancelled without any intimation

  2. Students’ academic performance will be reviewed periodically

  3. Parents are to inform if there is any change in gross family income.

  4. Only one Scholarship can be availed. (including sibling discounts)

  5. Termination of Scholarship

    a. Misconduct, whether in connection with studies or otherwise.

    b. Failure to make progress in your study as is considered satisfactory.

    c. The discovery that fraudulent documentation have been submitted

  6. The GIIS reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and the current version can be found on the GIIS website. Once an acceptance form has been signed, this confirms that you agree to these terms and conditions and are bound by them.

  7. GIIS Scholarship awarding body and Management’s decision is final for allocation of scholarship